Acquisition Direct Mail Testing Program


Southern Phone Company is a telco focusing on regional Australia. They use unaddressed mail as their main driver for acquiring new customers, mailing over a million households per month. Our brief is to make ongoing recommendations to improve the performance of their mail pack. 


Practical Marketing designed a robust testing program measuring performance of 10 test cells against the existing control. This program was built to ensure accurate results would lead to definitive key learnings of what improves the performance of their mail pack. Initial test variants included copy, offer and product bundles. Great care was taken to ensure these test cells were spread randomly throughout households to ensure the testing was robust. All results were tracked and are now being used to form the basis of future testing.


The first round of testing has resulted in a 40% improvement in response, and reduced the cost per lead by almost 30%.

Practical Marketing pride ourselves on this style of methodical approach, ensuring that results are statistically valid, properly tracked, and leave no grey areas.

"Dealing with Practical Marketing has been a real pleasure. They have made direct marketing easy to digest and understand and were incredibly helpful guiding us through the process. They really understood our business and have helped us come up with new and innovative ways to do things."

Anna-Lisa Palmer, Marketing Manager, Prime Practice

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